Quota place for Valentina Gustin!

European bronze for Valentina Gustin!

Valentina Gustin achieved 04.03.3015. the biggest success of her career. The shooting air rifle for juniors to 10m at the European Championships in Arnhem, excellent performance in qualifying with 414.6 (third result of qualifications) achieved a chance to fight in the Finals EP. Fantastic start in the Finals, great courage in a direct duel for medals and high quality throughout the Final firing won a bronze medal. Great effort and renunciation which is invested by implementing every detail of the Plan and programs in these six years returned to her this medal, the great pride of their coach.

Europska bronca Valentine Gustin!

New Valentina Gustin great success!

Valentina won 1. place at senior Croatian Championship and set up new final junior National record (208,2)!

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